Counseling For

We help troubled kids, frustrated parents and distant couples get better.

Adult Counseling

As an adult there is a lot of pressure to be strong in high stress situations, and we are “supposed” to be OK. But the truth is we need help at times.

Child Counseling

Allow us to partner with you as parents to bring guidance, direction, and hope back to our children. 

Family Counseling

Parenting is tough, and we will partner with you to help develop strategies to overcome family problems, or behavioral issues with children.

Marriage Counseling

We are equipped to handle a wide range of marital issues. Many marriages wait too long to get the help it needs, but it is never too late. Please allow us to help, before it’s too late.

Hello! I’m Steven

Licensed Therapist

My goal is to create a professional, confidential, and judgment-free environment to help you whatever stage of life and difficulty you are in. The truth is, there is no manual to help you navigate life’s hardships, and most of us never thought life would lead us to this difficult time.

Most likely you know what you want to change, but don’t know the steps to get there. Allow me to help you find those steps to change using proven counseling techniques that have a history of success. If you are interested in scheduling a free phone consultation, please click the schedule a call button below. Thank you!

Steven’s Expertise

Academic Underachievement


Anger Management

Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Child and Adolescent Issues

Depression and Anxiety

Family Conflict

Marriage Counseling

Pornography Addiction


Play Therapy

Pre-marital Counseling

Trauma Related Problems

Mental Health Counselor

Hello! I’m Jill

Biblical Counselor

Life is hard but you don’t have to handle it alone. We were created to be in community with one another, helping and being helped. My goal is to help each client bear their burden and offer hope. I start with listening to their story and sorting through the issues. Once we find the common thread, we start reweaving their narrative to create the story they want and then proceed to use evidence-based therapies to help that story become a reality. 

I work with ages 14 and up. I have experience treating those suffering from anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. I use several different evidence-based therapies to provide the best care for each client. I offer a safe, judgment-free space, where individuals can verbally process through pain and trauma.

Christian values influence my approach but will never be forced on any client. I will meet each client where they are and offer treatment options, recognizing that the direction the client wants to go will likely provide the most success.

Jill’s Expertise


Christian Counseling

Depression and Anxiety

Emotional Disturbance

Family Conflict


Life Coaching

Marriage Counseling


Pre-marital Counseling

Trauma Related Problems

Our Approach & Values

Our Goal at Watchman Counseling Center is to create an environment where children, teens, adults, and couples can freely express what is keeping them physically, mentally, and spiritually beat down. You will never feel judged, because we just want to help.

Everyone at one time or another needs counseling in their life, so please schedule a call and let us know how we can help.

“Steven is an incredible counselor for all ages. Every time I have a parent or another family ask for a recommendation I send them to see Steven."

– Ryan

“Steven is an excellent counselor. He’s patient, a good listener, very insightful, and uses proven therapeutic techniques."

– Rachel

“There isn't a more honest, trustworthy, or loyal individual which I would trust to help me through any issues no matter the magnitude.”

– Noor

“I’ve known Steven for 15 years and can vouch for his honorable character and strong desire to help others. He maintains only the highest level of standards and values.”

– Heston