Child Counseling

Help Your Kids Journey Toward Health

Child Counseling

The world is a scary and confusing place to be right now, but our children can have hope and place to process their feelings and thoughts. Allow us to partner with you as parents to bring guidance, direction, and hope back to our children.

Reasons for Child Counseling

Trouble In School

Trauma Related Issues


Anger Problems


Confidence Issues

Extreme Fear

Developmental Delays

About Child Counseling

We treat a broad range of childhood and adolescent problems from behavior related to trauma related problems. Our goal is that your child would gain control over his emotions and actions. Utilizing Play therapy, Art therapy, Relaxation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is child counseling like?

Children are very different from adults and problems must be addressed differently. Play, art, and movement is their processing language, and we will adapt counseling in this way to help the child work through his/her issues and problems.

How will counseling help my child?

I am a parent too, and it’s hard to admit, but sometimes our children and teens need an unbiased/unemotional option and perspective to help them process and talk about their issues.

How many sessions do most people attend?

Each individual and family is different, but typically it’s 8-15 sessions before mental relief is usually achieved.

Are the sessions confedential?

Yes, your information will never leave our session. We keep your information in a HIPPA certified electronic health record.