Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like?

First, I just like to get the know the individuals that are in session with me and make sure everyone feels comfortable. Next, we will make goals everyone agrees upon. My goal is to get to know the Client, and how the problem began. By the end of session, my hope is to have found the steps that need to be taken for mental, physical, and spiritual health.

How long do sessions last?

55 minutes

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, your information will never leave our session. We keep your information in a HIPPA certified electronic health record.

How many sessions till I get better?

Each individual is different, but typically it’s 8-15 sessions before mental relief is usually achieved.

What is Christian Counseling?

We will never push our Christian beliefs on a client, but meet them where they are at in the spiritual journey. We are clinically descriptive – Biblically prescriptive. We use counseling approaches that are evidence based with a track record of success, but will never use an approach that goes against what the Bible teaches.

Do you offer childcare during sessions?

No, if the child or teen is a minor an adult must attend session with them or wait in the waiting room. Thank you!

What is Play Therapy and how is it helpful?

Adults process through talking, but a child’s language is play, movement, and art. Play therapy allows a child to process in their language of play, so they can communicate their feelings in a safe place.

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